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Pilot Health PPP Advisory Facility

This programme seeks to establish a pilot Health PPP Advisory Facility to support governments in developing and implementing public-private partnerships supporting healthcare services for the poor.

Pilot Health PPP Advisory Facility

Over 4 years, this Facility collects evidence on the adaptation and implementation of health PPPs in low income countries (LICs) and disseminate this evidence together with success stories and lessons learned amongst health and finance policy makers in the developing world.

It also provides comprehensive technical assistance for senior government officials in LICs and lower middle income countries (MICs) so that they can independently evaluate and pursue health PPP modalities if appropriate.

Finally, it tests the viability and validity of health PPPs in low income settings with a view to employing them as an innovative finance mechanism that leverages private sector investment for better delivery of health services to the poor, women and girls.

Timeline: February 2012 - January 2016


  • 1.5 million patients will be afforded access to new or materially improved health services
  • Up to US $250 million increased private investment in public health systems
  • 40 senior government officials trained to assess and implement PPP transactions
  • 9 research publications supporting deeper and wider dissemination of evidence on the benefits and critical design elements for health PPPs with non-state actors in LICs

Implementing partner(s):

International Finance Corporation (as manager of the facility)