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Mining Health Initiative

This programme explored the potential to mobilise and support the mining industry in Low Income Countries to extend and/or facilitate the delivery of quality and affordable healthcare for poor people.

Mining Health Initiative

The Mining Health Initiative (now concluded) contributed to a greater understanding of existing mining health partnerships between the private and public sector. It looked at how they can go beyond improving the productivity of employees to strengthening community relations, enhancing corporate reputations and creating new standards of practice.

Following the development of four country case studies and three in-country stakeholder consultations, the Initiative culminated in a set of “good practice” standards and guidelines as well as proposals for consideration by development partners that make up the HANSHEP Group and other stakeholders.

Emphasis was placed on effective ways to deliver mining health programming, including how such programmes can contribute to overall health system strengthening. A final consultation was also undertaken to examine and feed back on these proposals. Ultimately, this project demonstrated the ways in which joint investment and collaborative working can contribute to better health outcomes in low-income countries that have emerging and developed mining sectors.

Timeline: September 2011 - April 2013


  • 1 x Literature Review
  • 4 x Country Case Studies
  • 3 x In-country Stakeholder Consultations
  • 1 x Good Practice Guidelines

Implementing Partner(s):

The Mining Health Initiative was undertaken by Health Partners International and Montrose International Africa, in partnership with the Institute of Development Studies and the International Business Leaders’ Forum.