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Center for Health Market Innovations

The Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) is a global network of partners that seeks to improve the functioning of health markets in developing countries to deliver better results for the poor.

Center for Health Market Innovations

This four-year programme, commencing in early 2012, addresses barriers that are hindering the uptake of effective health market approaches and limiting the ability of market health systems to ensure delivery of effective health interventions. It identifies and nurture innovative delivery and financing programs that work to organize health markets, including private sector delivery models and health insurance programs implemented by governments.

CHMI tracks partnerships and linkages resulting from the new programmes documented through HANSHEP support, including those that result in the expansion in scale/replication of services for the benefit of the poor.

Timeline: April 2012 - March 2016


  • 500 x new health market innovation programmes documented within the CHMI database
  • 50 x new partnerships formed through CHMI that lead to the scaling/replication of successful models and information sharing around improving the quality, accessibility and/or affordability of basic health services to the poor
  • 500,000 people utilising newly available or si
  • gnificantly improved basic health services (based on the average reported numbers of “people reached” for programmes documented in the CHMI database)

Implementing partner(s):

Results for Development Institute

For more information, visit the Centre for Health Market Innovations website.