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17th March 2017

Center for Health Market Innovations: Adapting What Works

CHMI have just lunched a new resource: “Adapting What Works in Primary Care: A Getting Started Resource for Program Managers”. Designed to help program managers and innovation advocates in their effort to adapt best practices that improve health care quality and access, the resource summarizes the learnings and ‘active ingredients’ identified by primary care programs that have participated in collaborative learning activities organized by CHMI.

The Centre for Health Market Information (CHMI) is a network of around 10 developing country-based organizations, managed by Results for Development Institute in Washington DC (R4D), dedicated to improving the functioning of health markets in developing countries.

The information and insights presented in the resource were developed in collaboration with the participating programs, building on knowledge accumulated over years of providing health care for the poor.

CHMI Adapting what works












“Adapting What Works” describes approaches for improving quality and access to primary care, tested and adapted by primary care organizations. Program managers can use the resource guide to examine specific challenges in improving quality and access in primary care. The resource guide shares actionable tips to get started on a variety of promising ‘active ingredients’, including:

  • Task shifting for quality improvement; helping address gaps in care delivery
  • Standardizing delivery with operational tools; providing dashboard guidance to audit clinical processes
  • Logistic technologies to improve access; reducing the costs of medicines through better operations

Visit the link to download the guide: